Financial Management advice from Credit Counseling Singapore

Managing finances can be a tricky business when you have a good lot of things to attend to. No doubt some people are really smart at it whereas there are some who not only mess it up entirely but have borrowers after borrowers hounding them to death.

One should always make a proper balance sheet and review it periodically to manage his/her expenses versus income ratio to the best of its capacity. Otherwise, the debt would keep on mounting and you would keep on getting squeezed under its burden.

But, if God forbid such a situation do occur, you should always seek professional personalized debt advice from a trusted agency specialized solely in debt management.

Credit Counseling Singapore is one such agency that does a thorough mapping of all your sources of income and assets to work out the best solution to get out of your debt trap. You should properly answer all the questions asked by them to get a workable solution. Mention all the creditors and always be ready to receive the advice with a completely open mindset.

They share a stronghold in the debt management domain so you should trust them. You are required to explicitly consent for carrying on with the counseling sessions. Not just that, you might also be required to do some lifestyle adjustments. Please be willing to do that.

The documents they require include your entire credit report, loan information attested by the respective creditors, personal income tax statements, and many more. Duly submit and book a session after attending a webinar and a course on debt management provided by them. Due to COVID-19, all counseling happens over the phone and an advance booking is required for sessions outside their office hours.

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