The Advantages of Hiring an Expert Immigration Lawyer

When you’re immigrating to the U.S., it’s important to have an immigration lawyer on your side. A good immigration lawyer can help you navigate green card and visa processes, as well as expedite the process for things like citizenship or permanent resident status. You’ll also want someone who will provide guidance on obtaining travel visas and avoid making mistakes that could jeopardize your future residency in America.

Is Your Situation Unique?

Regardless of whether you’re applying for a visitor’s visa or a green card, hiring a lawyer who specializes in immigration law can be invaluable. If your situation is complicated by factors like age, children, past travel issues, work history abroad, etc. — or you need to apply for immigration benefits based on your relationship with a U.S. citizen — you’ll want an attorney who’s familiar with immigration law and the immigration process, and who can expedite your application and reduce the time it takes to obtain permanent status in America.

Get Answers Fast

As an immigrant, the sooner you begin the application process, the sooner you’ll be able to start living in the U.S., so maximizing efficiency is important. A good immigration lawyer can ask the right questions and provide guidance to help you understand the requirements and deadlines that apply to your citizenship, permanent residence, or other application.

Immigration Lawyers Can Help You Avoid Mistakes

Experts in immigration law can also keep you from making critical mistakes that could jeopardize your chances at obtaining permanent status in the U.S. For example, if you’ve already immigrated to the U.S., and then change jobs or locations, it’s important to be aware of Form I-829, which allows you to petition for an extension on a work visa — failure to submit this form before your work authorization expires can cause you to lose your visa status. For other temporary immigration purposes, like student status or work authorization, it’s important to make sure you’re filing the proper forms and documents. Immigration attorney near me in Wilmington, DE can also help you avoid making mistakes in other ways, like missing deadlines and filing outdated paperwork.

Immigration Lawyers Can Help You Avoid Legal Issues

Immigration lawyers know how to handle difficult situations. For example, if your application requires an interview with a U.S. consulate or border agent, it’s important to have a lawyer guide you through this process. Likewise, since many immigration benefits are based on your family ties or employment history in the U.S.

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