The process of applying for a US visa in Canada

The process of applying for a US visa from Canada could be a daunting task for many first-timers. Hiring a professional to handle the entire procedure consulting with an expert for a US visa in in Calgary, AB may save you from the painstaking task.

Lawyers to help you through the legal process of immigration

Selecting the right lawyer for the purpose is the first step to a completely flawless application. Immigration attorneys in Calgary ensure that your application alongwith the supporting documents are correct to the minutest details and pass the scrutiny.

The lawyers have the desired experience and expertise to provide legal assistance in a delicate matter like immigration. Not only do they see through the perfection of the documents but also perform their duties well within the deadlines. Maneuvering matters so that you receive a quick result is also the specialty of immigration lawyers in Alberta.

Applying for a US visa in Alberta

US visa in in Calgary, AB

Different individuals apply for different reasons to immigrate to the country. Visa is not required for Canadian citizens while visiting the United States for non-immigrant purposes, except for few special cases. The cross-country formalities are well dealt with when assigned to the lawyers in Calgary.

Some plan to visit the United States for education while others may plan to marry a US citizen. You may have a work prospect or a close relationship with a citizen of the nation. Mostly, it is an opportunity that drives a Canadian to the US. The steps involved in the application process are,

  • First, you need to detect the cause of your visit and the consequent visa type required. There are several types of visas available. Select the correct form for you.
  • Find out which is the correct portal for you and your type of visa to apply for.
  • You need to complete the application form online based on the type of your visa.
  • There is a certain visa fee for US visas in Canada, pay it online.
  • Gather the appropriate documents required to process the form. Each type of US visa requires a different set of documents. Collect and submit those.
  • Every applicant from the age of 14 to 79 must appear for the visa interview. Attend the interview and wait for the results.
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