Everything about CT urogram program

It is high time that we start focusing on our health and start taking it seriously because the current world that we live in isn’t really very safe for our health, and even the smallest of things can detour a person’s health. One can start working out and switching to a healthy diet in order to stay fit and maintain a balance in their health, and even if you are someone who follows a regime in order to be healthy, it is still necessary to get checked by a doctor every once in a couple of years. One of the ways to know if everything is okay internally in your body is by a CT scan test, there are many CT urogram in New Jersey.  Now let’s understand a little about the CT urogram test, in simple words it uses medical imaging in order to examine the urinary tract, this also includes the kidneys and bladder. Compared to a CT scan of the abdomen, your CT urogram will specifically examine your urinary tract and look for any obstructions in that particular region.

Problems/ diseases a CT urogram can detect are;

  • Bladder cancer.
  • Any type of bladder irregularities.
  • Bladder stones (these are different from kidney stones).
  • Bladder infection.
  • They also help detecting kidney stones and infections in the kidney.
  • Urethral tumors.
  • UTI (urinary tract infection).

What is the procedure of a CT urogram test.

First of all, this test will be performed by a radiologist and he/she will be using a contrast dye on you, by simply injecting it into a vein in your arm or your hand. Now you might be wondering what this contrast dye does, so generally it will outline the structures that are present within your urinary tract, this helps in showing enhanced details of a person’s soft tissues and blood vessels. The CT scan is a noninvasive procedure, and it requires the patient to lay inside of a machine as it takes cross-sectional or 3D images of the urinary tract, this is exactly like a CT scan test for your brain, the only difference is that this focuses on your lower abdomen region.

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