Should We Buy Frozen Lobsters That Are Dead?

An interesting sea creature is a lobster. They have long bodies and muscular tails. Mostly found in burrows undersea and though they have a fleshy main part, that is not the main part for dishes. It is the tail and claws that are mostly fed on. but feeding on the entire lobster is possible if you are ready to spend some messy time with it. But how do you buy frozen lobster?

Depending On The Species

There are mainly two species. The first one is the spiky one. This species does not have claws and is known for its unique white spotted appearance. If you are buying frozen tails, it is usually from this species.

The second one is the Maine lobster. They have fleshier claws and knuckles. The meat is much more tender than the spiky one. These species come from the warmer Caribbean sea whereas the other one comes from the Atlantic sea.

Liveliness Of The Lobster

Most often, especially local Maine lobsters are sold live. They are crustacean zombies as once they die, their enzymes start digesting their bodies. So to be able to cook a lobster or any part of the lobster, it needs to be fresh. That is why to buy frozen lobster, they should either be alive or just killed before cooking.

The Shell

Lobsters undergo the deshelling process once a year, they shed their older and harder shell and get a new softer shell. This inner is then filled with water until this shell also hardens. The meat yield of older shelled lobsters is much than that of soft-shelled ones. This is because soft-shelled lobsters have more water content than meat.

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