Suggestions of using the Feng Shui

Other extra fixes additionally suggested for controlling the negative impacts of both 5 Yellow Earth and 2 Black Earth are as per the following:

Solutions for 2 Black and 5 Yellow:

O In both the West and in the North, 6-Coins integrated with a red rope can be utilized to debilitate #2 and #5 and to ensure riches, particularly if this is the front entryway. A Solid Brass Ingot, Brass Dragons, or a metal sculpture of Kuan Kung, a Wealth God, can likewise be set in either West or North to ensure flourishing.

O If the #2 or #5 is in a room, a little weighty Brass Wu Lu can likewise be set close to the bed. The Wu Lu is nicknamed ‘the Giver of Life.’

O Many experts feel the Salt Water Cure is the best remedy for #2 and #5. A few specialists utilize an open pail while others recommend a 12 to 16 oz. urn with a punctured covering. Whichever you pick, fill it 2/3 with rock salt and spot 6 copper coins and a silver coin discretionary on top genuine copper and silver, not composites. At that point fill the urn with water. On the off chance that you utilize a spread, either dressing or saran wrap, secure it with elastic band or twine, and afterward jab openings in the spread huge enough to permit the urn or basin to inhale, but not dissipate too quickly. Toward the years end this fix, urn, salt, coins and water ought to be discarded by setting the old materials in a sack and unloading them in the waste. New materials ought to consistently be acquired for the current year’s utilization. Keep in mind, one Salt Water Cure in the West and North.

O If the front entryway is in either the East or North, a Bagua Mirror ought to be hung outside over the entryway to redirect the approaching Sha murdering Qi. Different objects of metal, particularly round fit as a fiddle or metallic hues, ought to be set inside close to the front entryway. Oil the pivots and abstain from pummeling the entryway.

O as the Fire Element upgrades Earth, abstains from utilizing brilliant lights, red hues, consuming candles, or playing noisy music. On the off chance that there are now red hues here, you can leave them, however include more Metal pictures or has a problem with to look after parity.

O If you accomplish need to work outside the home in either the West or north, hang a 6-Tube Wind Chime between that territory and the house. On the off dich vu phong thuy that you are taking a shot at a bigger territory that incorporates the West or North, do not be worry as long as the West or North is not the point of convergence.

O Use Metal Singing Bowls or Tibetan Tangshan cymbals once in for a spell to scatter the negative vitality of the #2 and #5

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